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Peruvian-Australian Photographer

For much of my adult life, I have been travelling, seeking adventure and ways to learn and interact with different cultures. Photography becomes my great excuse to look deeper and make my experiences more intense. My main purpose is to create the kind of images that combine a strong sense of history, to express and inform what it feels like to be with the people I met and the places I visited.

I love capturing moments and scenes in order to share their beauty with everybody. In my eyes, beauty is a feeling; it’s something evoked within us by powerful experiences. Beauty isn’t synonymous with perfection, nor is it something you see or something that you can take a photograph of. Beauty is something you feel in response to the precious, the delicate or the overwhelming. Beauty can be evoked by a person or a landscape, an action, a city, a plant, it can pour from a moment forever if that moment is captured in a photograph.

I have a penchant for black and white photography. I believe that the tonal contrast is effective in evoking beauty, and can evoke an array of emotions. The contrast of light and darkness is brought to the fore in black and white photography, and of course the play of colour is removed from the equation. What we have, then, is a scene which is defined by contrast and form alone. This is what I love about it; how striking then the image can be.”

Born: Lima, Peru.
Lives: Sydney, Australia