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Adding Photographs

Add images to the media library then create a record for each one under “Photos” (sidebar). Give each one a title and assign it a portfolio category (aerial, etc).

Give each photo a descriptive “alt text” in the alt text field. You can do this for all images at once using the “Image ALT Text” link in the dashboard sidebar. Texts should describe the photo content (such that a blind person hearing the description read aloud to them would know what the image shows) and at the same time use keywords/phrases that will help people searching for your kind of imagery find them via Google search.

There is a section for every page, post and photo record for “Yoast SEO” where you can enter a page-title for search engines that will help search engines find your pages and images and also a “meta description”. Make the most of the meta description. It doesn’t appear on the actual pages that people view but it does appear under the page title in search results and it also helps search engines find your work.

Below the Yoast SEO fields in the Photo record pages are fields for “Image Data”. There are fields for year, dimensions, media which we are not using but which we could use if you wish to later. More importantly, there is a field for the Paypal button code. This is not yet set up to be displayed but when you have made all the buttons and entered the code, we can remove the notice that is now displayed beneath each photo and display the Paypal purchase a print information (and link) instead.

Adding News

Create news items via the “Posts” link (Posts > Add New) in the dashboard sidebar.

Every time you make a post, assign it a category (Exhibitions, Awards or Press).

You will also need to assign the post an expiration date. If you want the post to be a featured post above all the others, set the expiration date to be in the future. If the post should just display in one of the three columns of news posts on the news page, set it in the past. A featured post will automatically display in the appropriate column when the expiration date has passed.

Content that is included in the “Excerpt” field will display on the main News page.

The featured image plus content that is included in the main content field will display on the single pages.

When a post’s expiration date is set in the future so it will display as an upcoming event, the content in the main content field plus the image will be displayed. You might want to edit this content when an event becomes a past event.

Other Content

All other content (homepage, bio, contact) is editable via the “Pages” in the dashboard sidebar.